"Sarah did a wonderful job organizing my kitchen! The pantry is labeled and categorized and I can find what I need. My refrigerator has been neatly zoned and I love it! You can now see what's in it. She was warm, enthusiastic and fun to work 
-JS, Glastonbury, CT

"Sarah is one classy, sassy, organized lassy! She whipped our garage into shape, including my husband's tool bench. Amazing!"
-RK, Portland, CT

"My daughter can't wait for you to come back. She's excited about cleaning her room now. She's filling up donation bags and putting things in the trash. She said she wished you guys had started with her room. The kids are keeping up with their stuff. You have helped our family function better."
-HG, Coventry, CT


"We are so grateful to have had your expertise, it was a wonderful experience working with you. You are understanding but firm, I like that!"
-Cynthia Bartholomew, Director CT Audubon Society, Glastonbury, CT

"Think what a big accomplishment that is - I can go in the dining room, sit at the table with coffee and food and even look out the window! Whee!"
-EM, East Hartford, CT

"You found my lost football helmet! You helped me fold my soccer shirts and we put stuff in my memory box.  Your label maker is cool!"
-AC (age 8), Portland, CT

"Sarah was so helpful and friendly when she and I met to go over some of my "problem spots." She gave me some great ideas and resources to use; some were so simple, but it took Sarah's expertise and resources to help me put them into action. I am so happy with what we did so far and I hope to meet with her again soon to work on more areas of my home."
-MR, Manchester, CT

"Sarah worked with me on my filing cabinet. She was helpful about what to keep and toss. I like the categories and color coding she implemented. It's a lot easier to find what I need and to put things away."
-JSJ, Glastonbury, CT

"During the week I managed to get to the metal scrap yard and dropped off all the metal scrap I had from my porch and basement and cashed that in for $54! I also managed to go through the shoe box. After it was empty, I recycled it. I just returned from the recycling center where I dropped off my old computer, the broken dehumidifier, and all the magazines, paper, plastic, plastic bags and glass bottles from my porch. It feels great to be free of all that "stuff!!" Can't wait to get back to work tomorrow! See you at 9:30."
(excerpt from a client's email after only our first session) 
-RJ, Middletown, CT

"Thank you so much for speaking to our Silpada team about jewelry storage and display! You were not only tremendously helpful, but inspiring and motivating! You are a GEM!"
-Sarah Fox, Silpada Jewelry Representative, Glastonbury, CT 

"Thank you so much for coming out to our recruitment event and speaking about time management! I cannot wait to work with you again!"
-Kristin Ceneviva, Girl Scouts of CT Marketing and Membership Director, Waterbury, CT

"I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for all of your help these past two days. While it is just the beginning of our journey together through the throes of my household, I can instantly tell that we work well together and I am completely comfortable with opening up my home, in its current state to you. I appreciate your willingness to work with me. For the first time in a long time I feel like things are finally starting to look up."
-DH, Ellington, CT

"Your presentation was great; it's like you do my job for me! Your tips on using the 31 products to organize are always helpful. Thanks so much!"
-Alicia Currier, Thirty-One Consultant, Portland, CT

"Thank you for an inspiring and truly informative session, Sarah! Your presentation held everyone's attention and the props were great for the visual learners. You made the Y a destination to come to this evening! You are always a welcome guest at the Middlesex Y!"
-Judy Hall, MSW, DSW, Senior Director of Development, Middlesex YMCA, Middletown, CT 

"It's so good to come home to my "new" space. My family has only had the best things to say about the open feeling. Thanks again for all  your time and energy. It has made such a huge difference."
-KP, Avon, CT

"Before working with you, friends would try to help me organize, but would do it their which wasn't helpful for me and family would get upset if they would help in a space and it would get disorganized again by the next time they visited. I like your approach because you work in a way that's helpful to me and how I think and you don't put me down for my slip-ups. Thank you for that."
-CM, Bristol, CT

"After your last presentation, I was inspired and went home and organized my kitchen and closets. You're always so upbeat and engaging in your presentations. I would hire you as my personal assistant!"
-Michele Rulnick, President/CEO Middlesex YMCA, Middletown, CT 

"Thank you so much for speaking at our infant and toddler education classes. The parents found your talk relaxed, engaging and informative. The resource list you provided is a great tool." 
-Pat McLarney, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Hartford Hospital, CT 

"Thank you so much for the amazing presentation you gave at our United Way Women's Initiative Networking Event. Your talk was inspirational, intelligent and enlightening! The before and after pictures were amazing.
-Kati Hensel, Development Director, Middlesex United Way, Middletown, CT 

 “I end up not buying a lot of things, because I find them ridiculous."
Steve Jobs

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