1. What is Professional Organizing?

The National Association of Professional Organizers defines Professional Organizing as a process that “enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and through transferring organizing skills.”

2. What is the process of scheduling an appointment?

Sarah will conduct a telephone intake in which she will ask specific questions about the project and your organizing style and review how the services work.  Then a complimentary in-house consultation can be arranged.  Sarah will visit your home to view the space, determine strengths and needs, develop a plan of action and then schedule the hands-on organizing sessions.  

3. How long will a project take?

Organizing a space will vary.  Factors to consider include the size of the area, the accumulation of clutter, and how quickly one makes decisions regarding what to give or throw away and what to keep.  Sarah is willing to work at your pace.  Her goal is not only to complete a project, but to examine the process by which the clutter accumulated and to provide education of organizing and decision making skills.

4. How long is an organizing session?

Sarah prefers to schedule 3-hour time blocks for a face-to-face session doing hands-on work.  Currently, Sarah can only accommodate evening and weekend sessions. 

5. What happens if I have to cancel an appointment?

The cancellation policy of Classically Organized is that you contact Sarah 48 hours prior to your session to cancel if something unforeseen arises.  Otherwise you will be charged for half of the session fee, unless you’ve had a true emergency or are very sick.

6. Will I be forced to throw things away?

No.  You will never have to get rid of anything you do not want to.  Nothing is ever done without your consent and total agreement.  If a client is willing to part with items, Sarah will take a carload, free of charge, to an area donation center or charity of your choice.  Often Sarah knows of great resources for places and persons that could use your unwanted/unused things.

7. Are organizing sessions confidential?

Yes.  As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and Institute for Challenging Disorganization, Sarah upholds their strict codes of ethics. 

8. Can I afford a Professional Organizer?

You can’t afford not to!  Many of us hire personal trainers or lawn services though we know how to do push-ups and mow our own grass, but we gladly hire a professional to help us.  The same can be said for dealing with the clutter in our homes.  Let Sarah help you!  Classically Organized has reasonable fees and, in general, charges by the hour.  Payment is due at the completion of each hands-on organizing session either by cash or check.  Please call to discuss your project.  No job is too small!

9. Why hire a Professional Organizer?

The reasons are many!  Organizers can alleviate the stress from being in a disorganized space or functioning in a disorganized fashion, they can help you free up time to spend doing things you enjoy rather than looking for your car keys and they can set up systems that can drastically reduce or eliminate clutter.

10. Do you bring supplies with you?

It’s ideal to work with what you have already, but if there are particular supply needs Sarah will see to it that those materials are obtained.  

11. Can I hire you to work with someone whom I know could use your services?

Yes, though it is important that your friend or loved one is on board with getting help.  Talk with them about their situation because if they're not in agreement with receiving services it will be a waste of time and money.  It takes time for people to start on their organizing journey if at all.  

12. Do I have to be present when the Organizer is working?

Sarah believes that having you there is ideal especially during the sorting process and during any purging.  After the initial weed-out stage, Sarah is able to work independently.

13. Can you help me even though I've always had a hard time staying organized? 

Yes.  The key is for you to be willing to accept help and learn new skills.  Many chronically disorganized people need to re-learn what it means to be organized and how to do it.  It's a process that takes time but progress can be made with continued help and support.

“The more I threw away, the more I found."
Don DeLilo

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