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10 Inspiring Command Centers to Keep You in Control

10 Inspiring Command Centers to Keep You in Control

Command center, launch pad, mom central... whatever you want to call it, we all need one! Basically, a command center is the hub of the household. Often times it's where school paperwork lands, mail gets sorted, car keys live, schedules are posted, backpacks are stored, etc. With summer over and school and work schedules in full swing, it's time to make sure your command center is in tip-top shape!



Here are 10 Command Centers to inspire you:





I love this simple set-up with a calendar front and center, framed inspirational quotes and, of course, the trash and recycling bins.  Take care of that junk mail right then and there!

How To Nest For Less



How fun is a wall of chalkboard paint?! And the simple clipboards assigned to each child for their schoolwork and schedules is a genius idea.

The Colored Door



Now if you don't want a command center for all to see, you could convert a kitchen cabinet as seen here. I like the color coordinated baskets and the fact that she utilized the space on the back of the cupboard door.

Organizing Homelife



I'm in love with this old school, larger than life classroom chalkboard that was scored on Craigslist! And look how there's a clipboard for each day of the week so you know which notice or permission slip to send to school each day.  It's great that the kids' artwork has a place to be displayed too.

Katherine Marie Photography



Now here's a beefed up closet turned command center! It's a great place to be able to pay bills and keep the family files. I love the charging station and those wall-mounted document holders. And that wall-mounted light is adorable!

The Happy Housie



Such a stylish command center using this beautiful, turquoise sideboard. Everything you see here was hung using Command Hooks which proves that putting together a command center can be hassle-free. And it makes it that much easier to find your car keys!

Mom On Timeout



How neat is this little command corner?! This just goes to show you don't need a lot of space to create a command zone. A fabric covered bulletin board, baskets, wall mounted file folders and even a plant fit into this nook. 

Hi Sugarplum!



The quaint, wooden bench adds so much charm to this command center. And how great that there's space underneath for shoes and hooks for the backpacks. I also love the big clock to help keep you and the kids on time!

Five in the Hive



Another option is having a command center in the laundry room. A dry-erase board is so practical for to-do lists and the weekly menu. And I like that the pet food also has a spot because you don't want to forget to feed your fur babies during a hectic day!

The Lily Pad Cottage



Here's a low-cost command center set-up. Simple dry-erase boards, clothes pins, and a magazine holder equal budget friendly organization. There's even a little chore list for the kids!

Decorating With Less



What a round-up of fabulous command centers! Which features inspired you to take command of your household?  


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