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10 Things I No Longer Save

10 Things I No Longer Save


Over the years, there are things I used to save but have finally come to the realization that some items just aren't worth keeping.


You think to yourself: It was free! I could find a use for it. I'll save it in case I need it. It's good to keep a back-up. Maybe, if I keep it, I'll actually use/do/make it. It's so small, it's not hurting anything.   Ah, but clutter no matter what form and size is still clutter if you're not using it.  



So here is my list of things that no longer live in my home:  



> Conference Swag 

Do you really use stress balls or need another rubber jar opener? 


> Goody Bag Toys 

Those plastic trinkets break by the end of the day if not on the car ride home!  Read more about my thoughts on this here.


> Free Cosmetics Case with Purchase 

I have a favorite make-up bag and stick with it.


> Wire Hangers 

No, just no.  They ruin your clothing.


> Extra Buttons 

I can hear my husband laughing because I don't sew!


> Silicone Gel Pouches 

No, really I saw a post once about 25 uses for them, but I haven't ever said, I need silicone beads, stat!


> Product Manuals 

Unless it's something I use all the time, manuals can be found online or you can scan them.


> Coupons

My name is Sarah and I am not a coupon clipper. There, I said it.  


> Store Reward Cards 

Technology is a beautiful thing as now there's an app for that! 


> Pairs / Sets of Things 

If you only ever use one of a set, why bother keeping the rest?  



I know many of these things seem pretty minor, but in the grand scheme of things the more you can establish rules and parameters about what enters into your home, the better in control you'll feel of your stuff.  


What items do you no longer save? 




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