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5 Apps To Organize Your Books

5 Apps To Organize Your Books


In honor of National Get Organized (GO) Month, the CT chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) led a children's book drive. The books collected were donated to Read to Grow, a CT based literacy group that benefits youth and families across the state. All in all, we collected over 1,500 books!

We're pictured here filling the book van. I'm the second one on the right crouching in the front row.



So, with books on the brain this month, I give you 5 apps with some highlighted features to help you manage your personal library:

1. The Bookcase
This is a versatile and intuitive app that allows you to track your reading habits and loans, create and share wish lists or collections, manage your book sales or even get notified when a loan is reaching overdue. You can quickly scan your library using the built-in barcode scanner, recommend a book, make bibliographies and even let The Bookcase make personalized recommendations for you.

2. BookBuddy
Book Buddy is a free, functional and cleanly designed app. It's great for large book collections and can manage as many as 10,000+ tomes! It seamlessly syncs across all your devices using iCloud or DropBox. You can create your own categories for managing your books, create wish lists, and add personalized notes about any given book.

3. Goodreads
With this app, you can get personalized recommendations based on your tastes and preferences. You can see book reviews and updates from your friends and view literary events in the area. There are also options to join on-line book clubs and connect with other readers.

4. Book Catalogue
This is open source book cataloging application. Books can be added manually, by ISBN, or barcode. You can rank and add comments to your books which is helpful. With this app, you can walk into a bookstore and scan a book before you purchase it to make sure you don't already own it to avoid buying duplicates.

5. Libib
This app allows you to organize your books (plus movies, music, etc.) via tags. There's a built-in annotation feature - helpful to make notes about borrowing. It also includes tools for measuring how much you’ve read, as well as the options to review items in your library and to make those reviews public.


I hope this spurs you on to tackle your book and magazine collections. Do you have an app you'd add to the list?


Thank you to everyone who de-cluttered their bookshelves to support our Read To Grow Book Drive!

If you're interested in donating children's books to Read to Grow, click HERE for info. 





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  • What a wonderful GO Month project. How amazing that you and your NAPO-CT colleagues collected 1,500 books to donate. That's awesome! I never knew about any of the book apps, so thank you for sharing this list. We have A LOT of books and they aren't documented. I've never felt the need to catalog them, but it could be an interesting project to undertake. My mom also has a lot of books and an app like one of the ones you've featured could definitely be useful.
    1/30/2017 6:27:19 PM Reply
    • @Linda Samuels: Our chapter is a fun bunch! We actually had a newbie show up that day who was kind enough to purchase a few books to donate. How sweet is that?!
      1/31/2017 9:43:21 AM Reply
  • What a great service project! Looks like you have a very friendly chapter!! I'm amazed that you all collected so many books. I have never used any of these apps, but will take a look at Book Buddy. For the past 3 years, I have challenged myself to read a book every week about organizing, speaking, or being a small business owner. Perhaps the app would be a better way to track my progress rather than a typed list.
    1/30/2017 6:04:26 PM Reply
    • @Olive Wagar: I love that you've kept up with reading a book a week related to small biz/organizing! I can imagine you've amassed quite a list. And yes, one of these apps might just be the ticket to keeping a better record of your reads!
      1/31/2017 9:42:21 AM Reply
  • What a great list of apps. I'm going to have to check these out. I have some clients who could definitely use these. And what a great "Go" Month Project. It sounds like it was a lot of fun and that there are going to be some really happy kids.
    1/30/2017 2:42:26 PM Reply
    • @Jamie Steele: Thanks for chiming in, Jamie. Feel free to share with your clients!
      1/31/2017 9:40:54 AM Reply
  • As an avid reader these apps will be a HUGE help for me Sarah! Can't wait to check them out myself - thanks for the wonderful information! And Congrats to your Chapter for helping such a wonderful cause :)
    1/30/2017 2:29:02 PM Reply
    • @Liana George: Glad you found this helpful, Liana! I go through ebbs and flows with my reading, but it's definitely a goal of mine to read more this year.
      1/31/2017 9:40:29 AM Reply
  • I love Goodreads, not so much for managing my own collection, but for keeping track of which books I've already read.
    1/30/2017 1:01:30 PM Reply
    • @Janet Barclay: I've heard that about Good Reads that it's a great way to keep a record of what you've already read so you don't read something again - unless you want to, of course!
      1/31/2017 9:39:34 AM Reply
  • So proud of NAPO-CT and all who contributed to the Read-to-Grow GO! Month project. One of the benefits of having your books organized on an app like these is that you can get a clearer idea of which ones you are ready to donate. I always say, "Books are the quintessential reusable item."
    1/30/2017 9:28:14 AM Reply
    • @Seana Turner: 1,500+ books is pretty amazing considering our small (but mighty!) chapter. And I completely agree that books are ideal items for "reusing!"
      1/31/2017 9:38:22 AM Reply

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