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4 Tips on Setting Goals for the New Year

4 Tips on Setting Goals for the New Year

January is a month of fresh starts and new beginnings. Last week my post was about choosing a focus word to guide your year. This week I'd like to share a post focused on goal setting written by my colleague, Sabrina Quairoli of Sabrina's Organizing. In case you didn't know, it's National Get Organized (GO) Month and this article is a great way to help you narrow down your organizing goals for 2017.


Sabrina and I are members of various Facebook groups for Professional Organizers. A week or two ago she posted a request asking fellow POs about the best goal setting advice we were ever given. Here is the compilation of responses she received. You can check out mine listed under Tip #4! Just click on the image below.




Feel free to share one of your organizing goals for the new year in the comments!


And if you aren't already, be sure to follow Sabrina's blog as she's got some recipe ideas, easy to follow DIY projects, and helpful advice for small business owners. 



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  • So fun to be included in this roundup of tips on goal setting. Now is a wonderful time to look ahead and plan. Funny how something like the turning of a number on the calendar inspires us, isn't it?
    1/13/2017 1:14:22 PM Reply
    • @Seana Turner: I know! Sabrina is so good about doing these roundup posts. I should make it a goal to put together one this year myself! :)
      1/13/2017 2:40:12 PM Reply

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